We are fully aware of the exacting nature of working in the real estate sector and are thoroughly committed to rise to the challenge. We operate with great discretion and competence in order to safeguard our customers' interests as they sell or purchase property.

We are a team of professional international realtors, fluent in several languages—such as English, French, German and Russian— with over then years of experience in purchasing, selling and managing real estate. Our goal is to become set a standard in the real estate market in our Canton.

Our thorough knowledge of the district and our long acquaintance with the people who live here enable us to offer our customers the best advice as well as a number of unique benefits and services.

Building on our soundness, reliability, professional skills and know-how as international real estate consultants, we were able to set up a thriving business. Yet we strive to offer much more than that: we can assist you in undertaking the renovation of your house, designing your garden, or even choose the furniture or buy a boat… we shall take care of everything. We shall try to fulfil all your expectations and solve any issues which may arise.

A multinational team of experts is always available to help you make your dream come true and making sure cost assessments are correct, from the early building stage to the selection of furnishings to your taste.

Safe and rapid execution, compliance with deadlines, support in dealing with local authorities (town councils, inland revenue, etc...) and comprehensive legal advice make us your ideal partner.

We work in close cooperation with major international real estate magazines, where we place our ads and where you can see our brand on a regular basis. The same is true of major international real estate portals where we showcase your property.

We can also boast a number of local collaborators working on the spot to support and assist us in designing and distributing promotional targeting the real estate market.