Our region

Ticino is Switzerland's southernmost member state (canton); it lies entirely south of the Alpine divide, except for a small area along the upper valley of the river Reuss, which belongs to the catchment basin of the Rhine. The canton is named after the river Ticino which rises from a source near the Nufenenpass (Passo della Novena) and flows down into lake Maggiore.

Lugano and its district are an ideal destination under all aspects for incentive, team-building and recreational activities. Narrow cobblestoned streets, ancient arches and idyllic spots in small villages either on the lake or on the hillside—Morcote, Gandria, Carona, Montagnola—where time seems to have stopped are all cultural gems you will be able to enjoy.

Moreover, the two mountains which flank the city centre (Monte Bré and Monte San Salvatore) also offer many opportunities. Lugano can provide all sorts of exciting experiences, from good food to pristine landscapes, from a field trip in the neighbourhood to cultural treats such as learning about the many historical figures who lived there.